Counting machines

Counting machine for pharmaceutical, chemical or technical products as well as for filling food products or food supplements.


Semi automatic counting machines

The ZM02R represents the consistent further development of the generation of the desk top rotary counting machines. The ZM02R is an economical semiautomatic counting machine for pharmaceutical products and food supplements. The products to be counted are filled into the hopper and transported to a rotary table by means of vibrating track. The products are then aligned in the feed line on the rotary table and fed to the sensor in the counting head. The count is recorded in the run and counted. The product is dispensed into the respective containers via two product funnels. The product hoppers are selected by means of a switch after reaching the setpoint number.

The ZM02R can be used to count all forms of capsules, tablets, soft capsules, tablets or transparent products (special sensors). The ZM 02 R is equipped with a "dust compensation" so that the sensor sensitivity is automatically readjusted to compensate for a gradual accumulation of dust as an offset in the sensor window.

Zählmaschine ZM02R


Counting with high precision


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Full – automatic high speed counting machines


                                              Twin 12

Zählmaschinen für die pharmazeutische, chemische und lebensmittelverarbeitende Industrie


Counting machines of the series MT (Multitrack) with 8 -16 counting tracks are characterized by very high counting accuracy with the most different products and product characteristics. For example, in the pharmaceutical and food industry, clear soft gelatin capsules or tablets from a size of D = 3 mm can be counted without difficulty. During the counting process, both broken and duplicate products are detected.
Our counting machines are based on the technology of magnetic vibratory drive with channels and FDA-compliant product lines. Of course, our controllers also meet the requirements of the FDA.


                                                                                                     Multi Count

Zählmaschine Multi Count     Zählmaschine Multi Count 2     Zählmaschine Multi Count 3



                                        Quadro 12                                                           8-track counting machine assembled of VFFS

Quadro 12                       8-bahnige Zählmaschine mit Schlauchbeutelmaschine