• Auger filler SDW-line

    Volumetric and gravimetric dosing
    Special Feature:
    Weighing and vibrating simultaneous !

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  • Auger filler SDW-line

    Volumetric and gravimetric dosing
    Special Feature:
    Weighing and vibrating simultaneous !

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Company history


Our developments and constructive highlights


2004             founded Thomas Beierl the company VTB Verpackungstechnik Beierl as one-man business at Veitsbronn


2005             Relocation to a bigger workshop at Burgfarnbach

  • Development of counting machine Mini count ZM
  • Development of series AW100
  • Development of counting machines with integrated camera system for bakeries


2006             move to a bigger manufacturing plant at Burgfarnbach

  • Development of Eye liner testing machine with high speed camera
  • Development of first recipe weighing unit with ERP connection
  • Development of Pipe filter testing machine



  • Development of washable liniear weigh filling machine with belts series AWB100
  • Development of volume dosing conveyor for pellets and peat
  • Development of servo controlled cup dosing machine
  • Development of semi automatic auger filler series SDW100 UNI



  • Development of Multi-count counting machine for gumms


2009             groundbreaking of new production In der Au, BurgwindheimSpatenstich der Fertigungshalle 2009 In der Au, Burgwindheim

  • Development of full automatic linear cup machine
  • Development of auger filler with satr wheel series SDW101/102
  • Co-operation agreement for production of multi head weigher
  • Development of palletizing robots



  • Development of liquide fillingmachine with 12 dosing heads
  • Development of double ribbon mixer
  • Development of plough share mixer



  • Development of first high speed auger filler up to 55 jars per minute

Fertigungshalle Vorderansicht

2013             founded of VTB Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

  • Development of liquid filler series Easy-fill for manual and semi automatic filling



  • Development of auger filler Series SDW 105
  • Development of high speed auger filler SDW 400 up to 100 jars per minute



  • Development of special function "weighing and rocking motion" at same time


2016VTB Technikum

  • Development of high speed linear capping machine for screw caps up to 100 caps per minute


2017              construction of new technical center

  • Development of full automatic can seaming machine for metal and composite cans




More pictures from the new technical center




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About us

The company VTB Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is manufacturer and supplier of machines and plants especially for filling of fluids and solid materials also as packaging and final packaging


VTB Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
In der Au 3a, 96154 Burgwindheim

+49 9551 929164
Mo-Fr: 8am - 6pm