• Auger filler SDW-line

    Volumetric and gravimetric dosing
    Special Feature:
    Weighing and vibrating simultaneous !

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  • Auger filler SDW-line

    Volumetric and gravimetric dosing
    Special Feature:
    Weighing and vibrating simultaneous !

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Multi head weigher


Our multi head weighers are available with 10, 14 as well as 20 weighing heads and as a special version with 2x10 weighing heads for creating mixtures. The basic design and structure will be round sectional, special design for fresh food like fish or meat is parallel linear with belt system.

In the classic round design, the product feed takes place sensor-controlled in the middle above the multi head weigher on a cone plate. Optionally, product feeding can be done by means of level control by weight measurement on the cone plate. The products are conveyed through vibratory troughs to the storage trays and pre-dosed there. Below the storage trays are the load trays (weighing hoppers). The central control of multi head weigher based on IPC determines the optimum combinations with the least deviation from the specified target weight from several subsets. Several opening variants and / or multiple dropping can be stored product-specific. The product discharge to the downstream packaging machine is done by handshake (potential-free).


                                    MKW 10

Mehrkopfwaage MKW 10


Technical details:


  • Weighing range from 10 - 3500 gram
  • Theoretically possible: max. 130 weighings / minute
    practical application up until 80 weighings / minute
  • 10,4“ colored touch screen operator terminal
  • Easy handling
  • Quick and problem-free cleaning
  • Tool-free (dis)assembly of all format parts with product contact
  • Format parts cleanable with all common detergents
  • Status message in plain text
  • Autotara function
  • Mean value optimization
  • Fault detection with product adherence
  • 100 program storage
  • Storage for 2000 production statistics – retrievable at any time
  • Design with plain sheet or bulb plate
  • Hygienic design – Model HACCP & GMP compliant
  • Wet version
  • Modular structure
  • Completely made out of stainless steel 1.4301/1.4405
  • Optionally of stainless steel V4A 1.4571
  • Various building designs of load pans
  • Opening of the container shutter by stepper motor
  • Controlled product discharge hopper
  • Weighing cell underneath the cone disc for product supply
  • Synchronisation with all packaging units
  • Counting function


                  MKW 14 Hygienic design                                                                 MKW 14 Profilgewalztes Blech

Mehrkopfwaage MKW 14 Hygienedesign                          Mehrkopfwaage MKW 14 Profilgewalztes Blech


Areas of Application






Food industries

Deep frozen products

French fries, fried potatoes, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, fish, meat, poultry

Dry fruits & cerials

Raisins, apple slices, banana chips, cereals, trail mix

Frech products

Salads, vegetables, shellfish, mussels, meat, mushrooms, fruit

Sweet & Snacks

Sweets, chips, gummy bears, pretzel sticks, flips


Pasta, Spaetzle, Tortellini

Spice & herbs
Tea & coffee

Pysllium, nutmeg, caraway

Non Food

Decorating products

Granules, sand, aqua perls, shells, gravel, glass balls, snow, cork, nuggets

Technical products

Screws, nuts, bearings, small parts made of plastic, metal and rubber

Chemical and pharmaceutical Industry

Medical aids & products

Needles, teats, dressings, disposable products

Tablets, capsules


Cosmetic products


Pet products

Dry food, cat litter, treats






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